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About JeN...

I am a therapist, turned business owner...

Where I create lifestyle, beauty & wellness content to help others change their wellness choices and take a personal stake in their health and personal growth overall. I enjoy creating high impact content focusing on products that I am passionate about and as well as great products that should be well known to improve overall quality of life.

As a result of producing engaging content for the past 3 years, I have cultivated a large community of 31,000 followers, plus gaining sales. With my experience, I can provide content support for all your needs including growing your audience, improved traffic and generating increased revenue through personalized content. My videos average close to 400,000+ views, which is sure to improve your overall presence online.

I provide content that is authentic, invoking and engaging to your consumer base, penetrating all racial demographics, ages and genders. Whatever content concept ideas you have, I am able to exceed your expectations and will not stop until I do!

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"Jen has a unique style, great onscreen energy and is a genuine professional."

- Dalene Wolf, Client

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